How Chiropractic Care Is Delivered, What to Expect & How It Works.


Initial Consultation: 45 mins - 1hour session.

A full case history, chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological exam will be completed prior to any treatment given. Treatment may be given if your chiropractor deems it safe to do so on the first visit. If your chiropractic, feel the need to review your case you will be asked to return for your report of findings where treatment may commence to get you back on track. In some cases, a continuation may be required should you case be more complex, the is rare.


Imaging: Referral to GP/Private.

On completion of your initial consultation your chiropractor may need to refer for further imaging based on your history and examination findings. In certain cases, your chiropractor can start treatment whilst waiting for your imaging results and in some case will wait for the results before inviting you back for your report of findings. Should further imaging be indicated it will be for the following reasons:

  • To help establish any alignment, degeneration or structural changes in the area of your complaint, this will help your chiropractor to diagnose your condition accurately. It is important to use the correct adjustments/techniques to make care more comfortable and safer for you.

  • To help manage your case/condition and meeting your expectations for a realistic outcome to your condition.

  • You may (in some cases) need to be referred to your GP for further referral for special tests.


Report of Findings 30-minute session.

Your report of findings:

  • A verbal report of your pertinent history and examination findings followed by an explanation of your chiropractic diagnosis. You will be prescribed a course of care which will be explained to you and what you need to do to encourage your healing to improve.

  • Treatment for your injury/condition which most commonly includes your chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work and advise on home care/modifications of activities.








3 Phase Care.

Phase 1: Pain Reduction & Increase Mobility Care.

During this phase of your care frequency most commonly is higher, how much frequency depends on your injury/condition or how chronic your case is. Each patient and case therefore differ. You must commit to care for improvements/healing to occur (it’s a partnership 50% you - 50% Chiropractic). You will be advised on how to use your ice pack, be given advise on how to correctly activate your core/muscles to help you protect your injury, advised active rest (keep mobile without aggravation to your injury) and correct posture (home - work ergonomics and transport activity). Support/belts may also be advised in some cases and modifying your activities.


Phase 2: Stabilisation Care.

Chiropractic session frequency here will be reduced accordingly, and exercises will be prescribed according to your level improvement. Frequency of care and exercises are based on a re-assessment which will clarify your level of improvement and ability to do exercises safely, therefore sessions will be spaced out (less frequent). A re-assessment is to be completed before your start phase 2 (end of phase 1 care).


Phase 3: Maintenance Care.

Maintenance care is optional for patients and will be recommended for certain conditions patients have or patients with certain lifestyle choices; active/sporty/sedentary. These lifestyle choices coupled with conditions in most cases lead to further future episodes for the patient. The aim of maintenance care is to maintain movement and improvement levels helping to keep the patient well and support the individual’s lifestyle choices; things you love to do, must do and need to do. We never like to see patients as they were when they first came to see us. Maintenance care is for all patients who want to prevent, maintain their health and enjoy their hobbies, sports and lifestyle choices, no matter what your age.

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