Reviews from some of the patients Indy has helped with chiropractic care

“Cheerful, professional, welcoming and friendly. In just under two months, I've gone from barely being able to move my arm to rowing again and writing my novels - and I would probably still be a sobbing mess if it weren't for Indy! I have the best posture I've ever had (goodbye hunched shoulders!), I'm back on the water and, most importantly, I'm writing. Massive thank you to Indy!


"I was in pain for several months. A good friend recommended that I visit Indygo Chiropractic.
Within three weeks of my first visit the pain has reduced considerably. I recognise that there is still a way to go but I'm happy to continue with the treatment. Indy is very informative about what he is doing and explains everything along the way. I am very happy to recommend Indy's clinic as it has really improved my well being."


"Don't know where I'd be without Indy's professional care. He sorts out minor issues quickly and manages my long term hip issues on a ongoing basis. He is also not afraid to tell me when he can't sort a particular issue and that I should see my GP. I can't recommend him highly enough.Have just visited the new Indygo premises in Newport Pagnell - they are as nice as the Bedford clinic, but have more space. I continue to go to Indy and to recommend his treatments to any of my friends who suffer physical ailments."


"6 weeks before a massive cycle ride for charity, I did my back in. I was convinced there was no way I would be able to do it. I was wrong. Indy's treatment and after care advice and exercises got me fully fit and I completed the 185 miles with no side effects. I'm continuing my maintenance with him to ensure I can do all the sports I love. I can't recommend him enough."



“I cannot recommend Indy highly enough; he is always very professional offering the highest standard of care. He's always a great source of advice on any issue, recommending the best course of action for any problem."


“I would like to thank Indy for all his help with my back problems. I found him understanding of my issues and he knew exactly what to do to ease my pain/correct the issue. He was spot on with his diagnosis. He gave me that personal experience and will I will continue my therapy with him. I have recommended Indy to many people now and I will continue to do so. See you next session Indy!.”



“Very professional and thorough. Always seen on time. He makes you feel at ease and comfortable throughout the appointment and is always checking throughout. He is very knowledgeable and explains the process as he goes along. I highly recommend Indygo Chiropractic to anyone who needs their body fixed!.”



“I believed my chronic back pain of fifteen years to be irreversible due to many years of nursing, I couldn’t stand straight, sit comfortably and was living on industrial strength anti inflammatory meds. Six months after seeing Indy I’m pain free. Fantastic practitioner, incredibly knowledgeable and ultimately professional. So grateful to Indy..”



“This was my first time visiting a chiropractor, so was feeling anxious at the thought of having my neck and spine cracked. My reservation was quickly relieved by the matter in which the treatment was thoroughly explained before it started - so I knew exactly what to expect and what would happen. This was a fantastic experience which enabled me to start back training much quicker than I expected. I highly recommend Indy (The chiropractor).”



“Wonderful service and business operated by professionals of the first order. Highly highly recommended.”



“Very professional and totally there to help you out. I've been seeing Indy for a while now and I always feel like he takes all the time to get to know you work with you and help your body recover. I first met him shortly after a car accident and he managed to help me get back into good enough shape to get back into Rowing again! Thanks Indy!.”



“I highly recommend Indy. After suffering years with back & neck pain, Indy has made a huge difference. He listens & has great knowledge. Im really pleased with the out come, im no longer suffering in pain. Thanks Indy.”


“Extremely thorough, after months of uncomfortable neck and shoulders with restricted movement, after a few sessions I am now pain free and heading towards maintenance with a few simple exercises that will hopefully keep me mobile, thanks Indy..”